Lady Alustriel Silverhand From Forgotten Realms

Welcome to my 1st blog post.

I wanted to share my latest photoshoot. This costume is Lady Alustriel from Forgotten Realms. The cosplayer is Daina from Amonymous Cosplay

Daina amazing to work with and we got a wicked location in Calgary to shoot at, The lighting was perfect. She is recognized locally in Canada and has won many awards for her workmanship, details and her amazing acting skills. Give her a like on her page!

Now i wont bore you with words, just scroll down and check it out! If you want prints let her know!!

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to comment, asking questions or just look around. Check out my price list and book your next photoshoot with me!

Stay tuned for Next week for Leliana From Dragon Age: Origins!!


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