Edmonton Expo 2015

Whew! What a weekend!! Only took a week to recover and just in time to start craving it again ūüėČ I have a few pictures to show you from the show and a couple i am personally proud of…

I will have the links of as many cosplayers as i can find under the pictures. If you are here but your link is not please contact me and i will link you up!

As usual scroll down and enjoy the pictures. I can tell you the folks who run the Edmonton Expo and Calgary Expo are amazing, kind, and accommodating.

Harley Quinn meets Sauron

Aqua and Belle! – Analeigh Cosplay

Unknown but so awesome!

Not even Sauron can pick up Thor’s Hammer!

Star wars! Kilo-One-Four Cosplay awesome!!!

Star Wars –¬†Kilo-One-Four Cosplay

The Beautiful Belle! –¬†Analeigh Cosplay


Harley Quinn by Limited Sanity and Poison Ivy by Poison Duck


Garrosh Hellscream – World of Warcraft – RC Cosplay


I love this cosplay, handmade from Obsessive Costume Design

Dovahkiin‬ -The Elder Scrolls РNaytay Cosplay

This has to be in my top 5 of reasons why i love cosplay! Family groups are awesome!! Thanks Cassi and Tyler!!

The photographers and videographer were so amazing this year! I am in love with everyone’s work!

Tell me what your favorite thing is about Comic Conventions?

Click here to see Sauron’s pictures from the Edmonton Expo


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