Starting in 2016! i will be not be charging for photoshoots, but i will be charging for prints and licensing fees for prints for sales.
I do expect that i will be very busy now that i am in the Edmonton area and i would like to add that i will be at Calgary Expo 2016 and i would like to have a few off site photoshoots since i know that city pretty well.
Sound good? I think so, lol I do better work when i keep this as a hobby with print sales helping me buy better photography equipment. No profit as you can tell.
Please allow time for editing as this takes an incredible amount of time to do.
Contact me with your Cosplay and ideas and we can work out the details. Thanks and please share with all your friends!! Thank you for reading and i can not wait to work with you in 2016!

  • You will receive 1 to 2 full edits plus regular edits, all with logo for web use only.
  • Prints available for purchase.
  • Licensing for print sales is available under contract.
  • All photoshoots are on location.
  • All photos are delivered VIA Dropbox.

Please contact me with you Cosplay and ideas!!

Book now! 

Thanks, Telly.


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